Includes: Education, knowledge areas, and training  |  Skills  |  Computer skills  |  Experience  |  Important attributes

Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

2 years of postbaccalaureate (undergraduate) studies in Wildlife Science.

1 year of predoctoral studies in Doctor of Dental Medicine program.  

Very good to outstanding performance in nearly all major and all physical science courses as undergraduate and postbaccalaureate student.

Experienced in collecting, entering, analyzing, and summarizing biological, chemical, statistical, and physical data.

Interpret data, documentation, manuals, and verbal and written instructions. 

Accurate and complete data collection, entry, and processing.

Proven ability to quickly learn technologies and technical and laboratory skills.

Laboratory skills, including setting up experiments, utilizing techniques, instrumentation, and equipment, performing tests and procedures, collecting and analyzing data, and interpreting and discussing results in formal laboratory reports.

Written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills demonstrated in academic and work environments.

Create presentations, proposals, reports, and other communications using data and information compiled and synthesized.

Understanding of and hands-on experience with:
1. methods used to estimate wildlife and fish population parameters.
2. wildlife and fish sampling and monitoring techniques, methods, and equipment.
3. ecological and population modeling.

Familiarity with important:
1. public land laws and policies and environmental and natural resource Acts and policies, including CWA, WQA (Water Quality Act of 1987), ESA, NFMA, NEPA, CERCLA/Superfund.
2. western range, water resource, wildlife, fisheries, and forest management issues.
3. western ecological and environmental restoration issues.

Research management issues and research topics.

Analyze management issues in relation to Acts and policies.  

Utilize government documents, publications, and databases, including Code of Federal Regulations (Protection of Environment), Federal Register, and National Archives and Records Administration.

Utilize journal articles and databases.

Experience reporting trends and contributing input for development/improvement of procedures, projects, and plans.

Experienced in use of databases, on-line systems, Internet, and mobile devices.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. 

Recent completion of training courses in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007.

Recent completion of e-courses in statistics, probability, and college and introductory algebra.

Nearly 2 years of technician-level experience with federal government, including over 1 year as GS-05 level biological technician.

Laboratory/QA/QC experience in production environment.  6 months of experience.  Positions include grader and quality control laboratory technician.  Achieved performance standards in fast-paced environment.

Track record of outstanding attendance and excellent quality and productivity.

Manage time and work activities effectively.

Additional employment: 40 months inbound customer support, business to business customer service, new business and individual account set-up, outbound tele-sales, survey interviewing, and administrative support.  Positions include inbound customer service representative (40 months), call center sales representative (6 months), and enumerator (5 months).