Other Government Experience

U.S. CENSUS BUREAU, Local Census Office, Beaverton, Oregon
Enumerator, AD-0303-00, 3/2000-8/2000
Worked independently with little supervision.  Completed Census 2000 questionnaires by means of in-person and telephone interviews.  Drove car to in-person interview sites.  Located housing units using maps.  Addressed respondent questions and concerns regarding Census 2000.  Audited and finalized questionnaires.  Determined Census Day unit status.  Entered status codes in address registers.
  • Effectively communicated with respondents to consistently obtain accurate data.
  • Exceeded productivity requirements.  Ranked among top 3 Enumerators in Polk County in terms of productivity.
  • For duration of project, received compliments and, after completion of project, letter of recommendation from Crew Leader.

MORROW COUNTY, Heppner, Oregon
Project Assistant, 6/1994-8/1994
Member of 4 person team; individual and shared duties.  For Morrow County Project, collected sales, revenue, income, expense, and tax data from individual households, businesses, and government units through in-person interviews; entered data in questionnaire forms.  Drove car to interview sites.  Located housing units using maps.  Audited questionnaires.  Prepared correspondence.  Arranged interview times by telephone.  Joint project of Morrow County and Oregon State University Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.
  • Generated random sample of individuals to interview using Statgraphics.  
  • Created database of individuals, businesses, and government units.
  • After project completion, earned praise and received recommendation from project leader (professor).

Program is part of OSU Extension Service and Department of Crop and Soil Science.  Seed potato certification provides commercial potato industry with potato seedstock relatively free of disease-causing organisms.
Student Worker/Program Assistant, 10/1993-3/1994
Worked independently with close supervision.  Propagated potato plants in greenhouses: prepared seed pieces for planting, planted seed pieces, and watered seed pieces and plants.  Maintained logs.